GoNubo Talent is a Sydney based innovative consultancy founded in 2016 helping our SME clients meet their IT hiring needs through a smarter hiring process that suits any budget. We are hands-on IT experts (big time geeks!) providing Recruitment On-Demand, and work alongside you as a member of your team to assist in your hiring process for small to large scale projects. Our On-Demand Recruitment model is highly flexible, hourly support that adopts to your company’s hiring needs and budget. With GoNubo Talent, you can reduce your total recruitment costs and increase the quality for your hires.

    • We are experts with decades of professional experience in IT. We know our market intimately, have incredible talent connections, and all the necessary skills and experience to build a successful IT team.
    • We walk in your shoes. We were on your side of the recruitment process whether you are a talent or an employer and understand the many challenges you face when looking for talent or a job. We can help solve them!
    • Recruitment On-Demand –  unlike traditional recruitment agencies that charge a fee based on a percentage of a candidate’s salary, we provide cost-effective, transparent and fully customized recruitment service, saving our clients up to 60% of the cost of traditional recruitment agencies.
    • Nothing brings us greater satisfaction than helping you to find the ideal candidate for your role or the job of your dreams, so who better to represent you or your business than someone who loves what they do! We are your cheer squad and brand ambassador!

    Whether you are an employer looking to fill a vacancy, or a talent searching for your next move, we would love to help you. We are a friendly bunch and we would be happy to chat to you about working together!

    Please contact us on +61 413 826 964  or say “hello” at hello@gonubotalent.com.au


    As a specialist in IT recruitment, we provide our clients with tailored, permanent and contract recruitment services at all levels of seniority. We are acutely aware of the importance of technical skills, culture fit and personality match in every placement we undertake. If you have an IT development role that you need to fill, we would love to help and can’t wait to get started!

    Engaging with your talent, that’s what we’re here for!

    With decades of professional experience in Software and Systems Engineering and Technical Lead roles, we are able to correctly distinguish which candidates will be a perfect match to your organisation.

    Because of our in-depth IT experience, understanding of current industry trends and industry connections, we are able to engage with suitable job seekers and introduce you to the talent who are passionate and committed.

    We are part of the development community, attend user groups and meetups, and invest in open source projects. We constantly scout for passionate IT professionals who not only code in the office, but also in their spare time. The cream of IT talent!

    Our commitment to you

    • Quality candidatesWe screen and interview all candidates before presenting them, and our shortlists will always meet your brief. We only send you the suitable candidates we’d hire ourselves!
    • Recruitment On-Demand We provide an affordable, transparent and fully customized recruitment service that can potentially save our clients up to 60% of the cost of traditional recruitment agencies. We offer you the flexibility to choose the level of recruitment support you require based on your company needs and budget.
    • Transparency & honesty when discussing what we can achieve for you, no time-wasting conversations. We will never tell you what we think you want to hear. Instead, we will be open and honest and treat you with the respect you deserve.
    • Diligent – We are at the bottom of the IT recruitment food chain (harsh but true). Thus, we cannot afford not to be great. When you are not the biggest player in your niche, you have to try harder and do better. We do. There is no rest for us (well, maybe a little when we watch ‘Star Wars’).
    • Walking in your shoesWe have been on “your side” of the recruitment process and clearly understand your challenges. We are equipped with the resources and knowledge to help solve your hiring needs. Who can understand and help you better than someone who was in a similar position, right?
    • At the core of our professional expertise (and our own personal job satisfaction), is the idea of acting with integrity, which means respecting your confidentiality, communicating honestly and forming relationships built on trust.


    Hello, fellow IT experts! We want to help you identify, build and sell your unique personal brand to the right company, in your ideal role. Think of us as your personal cheer squad; we’ll encourage you to go for the roles you’re truly passionate about and brag about you to our clients when we’re pitching you for a role. So if you are talented, passionate, trustworthy and above all, love ‘Star Wars’ (kidding! Or are we?) then let’s connect!

    Our commitment to you

    • We listen to you

      and will take the time to find out what you want, rather than shoehorning you into jobs that aren’t right for you. You’re not just another number to us. In fact, we genuinely delight in getting to know you and what makes you unique.

    • Communication

      Honest and open communication is our modus operandi. We never put you forward for a role without discussing it with you. And we keep you updated on our progress, even when there is no news.

    • Transparency

      We only invite you in for an interview if we have a role on offer or if we think we can pitch you to one of our clients. And if we are unable to source a position that meets your requirements, we will advise you.

    • Advice

      We offer advice on making your CV a winning one, preparing for behavioral and technical-based job interviews and much more. And we always give a constructive feedback after an interview, even when you don’t get the job!

    We have your best interests at heart, just as much as we have those of the employers. So whether you are actively looking or just interested in what’s out there, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

    +61 413 826 964 | hello@gonubotalent.com.au

    Happy job-hunting and May the force be with you!


    We love meeting new people, especially when they are through the people we already know. If you have a friend or colleague who might be looking for a new environment or challenge, we would like to meet them! You do not have to be registered with us to make a referral.

    If GoNubo Talent finds them a permanent or contract position, as a “thank you for your help”, we will donate $500 to a charity of your choice, or give you credit at your favourite store.

    What makes for a successful referral?

    • The candidate must not already be registered with us (otherwise it is not much of a referral, is it?)
    • The candidate must be placed in a full-time role (permanent or contract)
    • The candidate must pass their probation period (usually 3 months)
    • Your referral is valid for 6 months from the date of your introduction. Have someone in mind?

    Happy referring!!

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    VARVARA KURAEVAFounder | IT Recruiter"Helping IT talent find their groove!"

    Other Interests: Wedding DJ/MC/Singer. Star Wars fan. Karate enthusiast (orange belt)

    Hi I’m Varvara,

    Founding GoNubo Talent in 2016 in Sydney, our mission is to provide quality, affordable, transparent and fully customised IT recruitment services to our SME's clients. We exist to bring employers and talent together for a mutual benefit through a positive recruitment experience. We achieve this through a deep understanding of both parties and their needs and a meaningful, transparent relationships. 

    Originally a specialist in Public Relations and Communications with Master's degree in Communications from Deakin University, I use all the knowledge from my “previous life”, my passion for people and technology to deliver a dedicated and professional recruitment service (with a human touch) to our clients and candidates. My colleagues, on the other hand, are strong IT experts. They have decades of experience in Software and Systems Engineering and Technical Lead roles, know IT market, have incredible talent connections and are able to correctly distinguish which candidates will be the best match to an organisation. Based on our combined experience and knowledge, you will be in “good company”.

    I would love to tell you more about our approach. So please have a look around and get in touch if you have any questions or if you would like to discuss your career or hiring needs.


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