Successful Job Seeking Workshop – it’s a wrap!

    Posted On : 25 Sep 2018
    Posted By : Varvara Kuraeva
    Collaboration at its finest!
    Thank you Everyone for attending our Successful Job Seeking and Career Building Workshop hosted at the Liverpool City Library!
    We hope you feel more empowered and positive about your job search now, and look forward to continuing to provide you with the most relevant, up-to-date practical advice and support around all things job search.
    A BIG thank you to Svitlana Fatiuk and her great team at Do What You Can for all their organizational help, boundless enthusiasm and passion! 
    The main purpose of our workshop was to help participants discover how to identify and evaluate their experience, skills and achievements, and use this information effectively in their job search.
    The participants learnt how to:
    1. Create a professional, achievements/value-driven and effective Resume that will get them more interviews
    2. Present themselves effectively to hiring people during the interview
    3. Use the most effective job search techniques (the obvious places, the 'hidden market', cold vs. warm calling, etc.)
    4. Avoid the most common interview and resume mistakes
    5. Stay active and positive during their job search and establish a routine, and
    6. Understand how the Recruitment Industry works in Australia to make the best out of it, and to establish realistic expectations.
    Our workshops are suitable for skilled adults who are new in Australia, and draw from our own experiences being candidates, recruiters, employers, and long-term immigrants. We can relate to what the newcomers are going through both physically, mentally and emotionally when looking for a job.
    Our MISSION is to help and support as many people as we can in their employment journey!
    Please stay tuned for more workshops to come! :-)
    *All profits from this workshop will be donated to Hay Runners to support drought affected farmers in Australia (