What our wonderful Clients say about us

    Posted On : 25 Feb 2018
    Posted By : Varvara Kuraeva
    Below we are sharing some of the latest feedback we received from our wonderful Friends (a.k.a. Clients). We are not bragging, well maybe just a little. :)

    Divya, Senior Software Developer (always positive, loves people and C++):
    "I am so glad to have gotten chance to be assisted by Varvara. From the outset of job hunt in Australia, she has been always supportive, dependable, caring and easy to be with. Any application with Gonubo Talent, irrespective of the application made it through or not, she always responds with some or other suggestions/tips for improvements which is highly motivating. Though at that time, my profile was not in her streamline, she came forward and supported me to align and rephrase my resume. She patiently reviewed and corrected my resume though I took 2-3 iterations. It's her warm personal qualities and willingness to support that makes her stand out from the crowd. Thanks a lot Varvara for being you and for all the moral support. I would highly recommend Varvara for all job seekers!!!"

    Olga, Quality Assurance Engineer (kind personality, enjoys swimming and reading)
    "I have had the pleasure of working with GoNubo Talent. I moved to Australia recently and came across lots of obstacles from writing my Resume to conducting myself during an interview. Varvara gave a lot of valuable advice and guided me through a job search process. After our conversations I always felt more confident and had a feeling that I would definitely find a job I was looking for. She is not just a professional but also the most warm-hearted person I have ever met. As a result of our work together, I recently received a job offer and now enjoying my new work. Hopefully we will stay in touch with Varvara.”

    Svitlana, CEO, Do What You Can (passionate about her cause, supports and helps people stay socially and professional engaged)
    "What makes GoNubo Talent team different from my previous interactions with recruiters? They care about their clients and their business priorities! While we were drowning in piles of unsuitable applications from other agencies, GoNubo Talent helped us find an excellent candidate. Varvara is very professional at her job but she also has a great sense of humor and warm personality that make her a joy to work with. GoNubo Talent team also has ‘giving back to the community’ attitude and delivered for us three successful workshops on employability skills. I hope we will work again in the near future. Thank you Varvara and GoNubo Talent!"

    Mohsen, Senior Desktop Support Engineer (loves his wife and writes educational books on e-commerce, 3D and animation for students)
    "GoNubo Talent team are very determined, skillful and intelligent recruiters who assisted me in seeking employment. Their work and support, their state-of-the-art workshop, and excellent advice helped me a lot!"

    Riaan, Senior Software Developer (enjoys writing clean and reliable code; camping and running)
    "Varvara is a one of a kind recruitment agent. She is enthusiastic, positive and very supporting. Job hunting can be very daunting, but Varvara's encouragement, positive attitude and great advice made it much much easier. Varvara was very responsive during my job search and would always get in touch to update me on any progress, whether it was good news or bad. She even updated me on interview feedback whilst on leave and out of the country. I would recommend Gonubo Talent to anyone looking for a new position in the IT field."

    Abhijit, Software Engineer (programming guru, enjoys cooking and traveling)
    "Right from the outset, Varvara and the team took a very professional yet personalized approach during all our interactions. They went out of their way to educate me about the clients that they were working for, their expectations and how the application processes worked in the industry. They took keen interest to align my aspirations with the available options in the market, going the extra mile to provide constructive feedback on my Resume too. I'd say that one thing which stood out for me was their positive attitude and the effort they took to often provide encouragement. I'm sure this will go a long way for GoNubo Talent and I wish them all the very best!"

    Emmerson, Data Scientists (passionate about his filed of work using PhD guru skills, enjoys meditation and surfing. Thanks for your helpful advice on how to soothe Varvara's sore throat)
    "I'm really thankful to Varvara. She reached me in August with a very interesting job position that we believed fitted well to my profile. She helped me to write a more clear and organised resume and she taught me a lot about the job market in Sydney.The job position she presented didn't go through, but with all tips she gave me and a well presented resume she helped me to write I got a dream job as a Data Scientist at Pavilion Health Pty. I write this recommendation after 3 months of starting working there and I couldn't be happier in any other place. I highly recommend her to anyone who is seriously looking for a dream job. She's by far the best recruiter I ever encountered in my life. Thank you, Varvara!"

    Toby, Electrical Engineer (interested in robotics and machine learning. We're confident Toby has a great career ahead of him!)
    "When I was in a deep valley of despair trying to find a decent job, it was Varvara who guided me through the darkness, gave me motivation and always encouraged me to be the best of myself. She is an ultra detail-oriented and warm-hearted. Hope we can work together again. :-)"

    Gosia, Team Leader (delivers exceptional levels of customer service, enjoys creating infographics and reading)
    “Apart from recruiting, GoNubo Talent team runs workshops on employability skills. I recently attended their workshop on Resume Writing. It was fantastic - an eye opening! I gained a lot from it. It gave me a different perspective on resume writing and application process. Varvara is very professional, knowledgeable and kind. She led the course absolutely brilliantly - not only teaching us various skills but also inspiring and motivating. I would highly recommend her workshops to anyone looking for a job. Thank you, Varvara!”

    Sharika, Technical Support Analyst (loves her family, exploring  Sydney, and volunteers regularly to help local community)
    "I am really thankful to Varvara, who helped me tremendously in overcoming lots of obstacles during my job hunting period, writing my resume, preparing for interview, understanding the work culture of Australia (as a new migrant, her general advises helped me a lot). She is very determined, skillful and intelligent recruiter and also very friendly, approachable, and always there for help when needed. I would highly recommend Varvara to all job seekers!!!